Eslövs International Table Tennis Academy

Eslöv AI’s international tennis academy in Eslöv aims to train young talents from all over the world to the professional table tennis player.

The training is based on a holistic approach in which the players’ individual development needs are central.

Trainers, coaches and advisors use the same basic guiding principles to help the players:

  • Communication – between coaches, players, advisors and parents.
  • Planning – careful planning both long and short term.
  • Clarity – the objectives, means and methods.
  • Follow-up – each term, regular monitoring and evaluation of players’ development and attainment.
  • Adjustment – if any changes need to be made they will be do so accordingly.

Each player is offered a training schedule that suits them. Players can study at the high school in various ways. It is possible to come and train for long periods in Eslöv, with sessions tailored to the player’s needs, and it is possible to organize short training camps with the same opportunities.

All training camps include personal training, coaching and advice. This is something that players can get access to outside the academy.

Training methods
Players will train with Eslövs AI’s elite players to learn, gain experience and pick up the good habits necessary to reach the international elite level.

The training focus on the following elements:


  • Think positive and forward.
  • Understand how to train in order to achieve results.
  • Analysis of the game.
  • Focus on development and improving.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the game.
  • Breaking the game down into individual components and understanding the significance of each part and how it affects the game as a whole.


  • Movement patterns, with and without the ball.
  • Depth and laterally based movement exercises.
  • Distance Training.


  • Learning to develop and respond to game strategies.
  • Game Styles and playing materials.
  • Understanding the difference of changes in tempo from the opponent and height of the ball.


  • Train all aspects of technique in order to be as complete a player as possible.
  • Develop a strength or an excellence in technique to help of the balls.
  • Develop good techniques to create a wider range of possibilities with regards to placement of the ball. Poor technique can restrict placement options and limit the players ability to reach a higher level.

The aim is to train each player so they are capable to compete at international level. This gives the players the best chance to play both inside and outside Sweden.

If players wish to study as well as training at the academy in Eslov, it is possible to live with other students and players in an apartment.

At training camps in Eslöv there are three options for accommodation:

  • Simple accommodation – bunk beds in the table tennis hall.
  • Share flat / apartment with other players.
  • Stay at the hotel for a good price.

All players who train in Eslöv have access to a fitness center in the middle of the city.

The Coaching Team 
Players will receive the best possible guidance and training, being coached and trained by a team of specialists who are all highly trained and accustomed to winning.

Mattias Andersson:

Peter Anderssson:

Malte Möregårdh:


Please feel free to contact:

Head coach Mattias Andersson
Phone. +46 738522744


Eslövs International Table Tennis Academy (Eslöv AI)

Bruksgatan 32
241 38 Eslöv

Phone: +708974515

Our aim (Eslöv AI)
The club’s goal is to continue to be the best in Sweden at senior level and establish themselves in the international cups. On the youth side we are aiming to take ourselves back where we were when Peter Sartz was coach of the club 25 years ago, this is at the top.
About Eslöv
Eslöv is located in the middle of Skåne, slightly west of an imaginary center line. The population is almost 32,000.

It takes about 25 minutes by train to Malmö and around 50 minutes to Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport). From Eslöv, Copenhagen can be reached by train in just over an hour.

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