London Acadamy is here

This week we have 4 players and their coach Bhavin from London. We asked them some questions:

Question 1: Why do you continue to coming to Eslov?

“They main reason to why we continue to come here is for the high practice quality, the many different players to practice with, the coaches are great, with good experience from the international stage, but also, we like that it is so cheap to fly here.

Question 2: How often are you in Eslov?

“We come here 4 times a year, and stay for one week each time”

Question 3: How come you started visit Eslov?

“The first time we went to Eslov was when we played in your competition Eslovs International 2013”

Qustion 4: How many players do you have here this week?

“This time we are 4 players here”

We tanks Bhavin for this answersl. We are realy happy that he and his players are here this week 🙂